AGT and its various divisions have a broad product base.  Currently, AGT has produced more than 10,000 temperature control systems, and a variety of products in fluid process and control. Additionally, over 80 industrial tank farm systems have been designed, manufactured and installed, leading the printing, coatings, medical and machine tool markets. Teams for installation and technical support, cover North America. AGT provides the resources to install and keep your critical systems operating.

AGT has been producing water and wastewater technology since 1993.  Addressing a wide variety of wastewater and water process applications, AGT and its acquisitioned partners have installed more than 1,000 industrial wastewater systems. AGT's engineering and manufacturing headquarters is located in Corona, California, bringing system design and specialized manufacturing together.



From RO / Ion Exchange purification, to sludge and metal ion removal, AGT has experience and technology to meet your application requirements. AGT is continually driving innovative technology to provide better solutions for water and wastewater application. Our team is made up of engineers who specialize in mechanical, structural, fluid process, electrical, and control technology.