AGT Technology and integration

Linking specialized components to form systems which provide efficient, cost effective solutions, while saving our earth's precious resource...WATER.

Agt water systems - PRODUCT Markets

Mining Applications 

Removing the solids, colloids and metals found in mining applications to provide clean reuse water or water for discharge.

Power Industry

Processing Ash Pond water and FGD process water for reuse and discharge. Broad range metal and contaminant removal with targeted selective removal.

CHEMICAL, PaiNT AND Ink applications 

Various wastewater applications from small specialized systems for the printing industry, to larger demands of the chemical process market. These systems are targeted for oil and metals removal.

water purification

Incorporating various technology to ensure your water meets the requirements of your process. Meeting the unique demands for a range of industries.  


Water recovered from the oil and gas industry and the mining market, is prepared for agricultural use. Sediment, TDS and selective removal is targeted to meet the changing needs for agriculture.

OIl and Gas industry

Converting Produced Water and Flow Back Water into recycled water for agriculture and the oil and gas industry reuse. Chemical free systems   providing cost effective solutions for this market.