Technology - Driving down the Cost of Managing and Treating Water

Let Us Show You How 

Water is a cost of oil production, lets work together to reduce it! 

AGT Water Systems is solving the high cost of water with the following.

  • Produced Water Recycling Technology - This water is high quality and runs a pennies per barrel. Use a higher percent of your water, rather than dispose of it, which has a higher cost. No other systems run at this low of a cost. Various systems to meet your exact needs.
  • Automation - Automate your water handling. Bring transfer, storage, treatment into an automated package, at your fingertips, with cloud based data access. Your team can see your operation, even when they are not there. Automation reducing the manpower to control and get things done.
  • Evaporation and Fresh Water Production - You may have excess water or water with a high disposal costs. The latest AGT Water Technology provides new methods to return pure water to the atmosphere and remove it from the cost of SWDs. This evaporative technology is clean and runs at a fraction of a cost of disposal. We have various solutions for evaporation and fresh water production.
  • Well Stimulation with your Waste Materials  - We are increasing well production by taking your produced water waste and waste gas and using them in a process to stimulate wells and produce more oil. This is an ESG initiative which is delivering more oil.